Whole30 & Covid-19 emotional and educational mind-body support group

Newly added Whole30 group to support you during the COVID-19 lifestyle restrictions.
This group will offer you the standard tools you will need to have a successful Whole30 but with a greater focus on addressing your emotional needs during the lifestyle restrictions because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Live Zoom calls will primarily focus on how to foster and keep a positive growth mind-set, strengthen your emotional health and ease your anxiety through a combination of mind-body tools and Whole30 eating.

Flexibility will be provided for those without full access to Whole30 compliant foods. We will do the best we can, with what we have and support one another as a community. This is when we let Good Enough be Good Enough! 

Begins April 7th

Online 6-Week Course with Dr. Amanda Morris Integrative Psychotherapist and Whole30 Certified Coach. 

Whole30 emotional support and guidance during the Covid-19 lifestyle restrictions. Group and Individual Packages Available.

*scholarships available to those with documentation of financial hardship due to Covid-19.

1 on 1

1 on 1 coaching sessions/ group classes/ and daily text support

Group Participation

group participation only and daily text support.

Week one:

Identifying what you are feeling. Giving context to your emotions and allowing space to honor, not judge your current mental state. 

Week Two:

Experience how breath work, mindfulness and intuition can ease your anxiety and decrease emotional eating.

Week Three:

How stress impacts us physically and emotionally. Learn tools to identify overlooked stressors in your life and increase your coping skills to address the uncertainty of these times.

Week Four:

How staying grounded in healthy habits and routines can support your emotional health

Week Five:

What questions do you have? Interactive group allowing questions and answers from myself and fellow group members.

Week Six:

Reintroduction (if applicable) and strategies to move forward. This will remain flexible depending on community happenings at this time.