Necessary books for raising happy and healthy children 

Over the last three years I have written several children’s picture books that use nature, mindfulness, nutrition and the collective consciousness, amongst other valuable resources, to teach and empower children and adults in a unique style. I blend serious content with the simplicity and ease you would expect to find in a children’s title. I use these timeless but forgotten tools as a platform for healing and growth. Without returning to our true selves and noticing the world around us, we cannot reach our full potential and be our best selves. It is through my books that I hope to reach as many children and families as possible to add value to their world and bring peace to everyone who reads them.

I am in the process of submitting my manuscripts to publishers and exploring self-publishing. If you are interested in collaborating on a project I would love hear more from you. Please check back for updates on publications.

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I AM HEALTHY: A Child's Guide to Coping with Covid-19

The pandemic has left many children feeling fearful, uncertain and dysregulated. Research shows through the practice of self-affirmation theory, children can create a self-identify that is rooted in positivity and a sense of control.

When this happens, children are more likely to adapt and handle stressful and challenging situations. Decreasing stress also supports a strong immune system, necessary for fighting off illness.

This book may assist children in protecting their emotional and physical health. The book is beautifully illustrated in fun and engaging scenes, that create a visually appealing experience for even the youngest reader.
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Mindful Millie

Mindful Millie is suitable for home, classroom and therapeutic use. Join Millie in a fun and approachable story that explores the tools necessary to cultivate mindfulness in children. Her spirited personality will capture your heart as Millie does ordinary little kid things, through the lens of being present. After learning the secret of mindfulness from her mom, Millie takes the readers on a fun journey through her day as she discovers the world around her using mindfulness.

The ease in which Millie incorporates mindfulness into the story, creates a fun and entertaining environment, while subtly educating the reader on how to use mindfulness in their own world. Give the gift of mindfulness to your child and help them access the proven benefits mindfulness offers:* Lowered anxiety. * Decreased impulsivity.* Increased positive mood. *
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Dirty Toes: A Child’s Guide to Earthing

Children and nature belong together but there are also health benefits that come from playing in the dirt. Dirty Toes, explores the outside world through bright and colorful illustrations.

While the reader discovers the amazing things nature has to offer, they will also learn about the many benefits of earthing.

Be sure to check out all titles by Live with Intention Publishing for a complete library of books to promote positive mental health in children. Benefits of earthing: *Improves physical health *Improves emotional health *Improves energy *Improves sleep *Facilitates healing of injuries *Increases appreciation and connection with the environment
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Mindful Millie


Mindful Millie


Excerpt from Sabita the Peace Warrior

This picture book takes the reader on a journey with Sabita the Peace Warrior as she leaves her home in India to travel the seven continents.

“Stop and think about this energy you create each day. It is a silent symphony that wraps around the earth.”  “Please,” Sabita asked, let’s make beautiful and kind music! You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. How you choose to feed your mind and body makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make!” This is just one of Sabita’s messages that she delivers to the amazing new friends she meets on her journey.

Along the way she meets many wonderful people. Sabita shares her ancient knowledge with children across the globe through a vivid backdrop of diverse terrain. As Sabita travels through the 7 continents, children will explore customs and cultural differences of their fellow schoolmates. Sabita the Peace Warrior explains the concept of mindfulness and meditation in terms young children will understand. The book is simple and easy to follow; however, will reach broad audiences looking for topics of compassion, acceptance, tolerance, and peace while promoting specific steps to create change in the world through visualization and meditation. The concept is presented in a way suitable for home use or classroom discussion. The theme is relevant enough to be appropriate for gift and inspirational books and is appropriate for every community.